Wednesday, June 5, 2019


   For my final project I did a screen cast on how to add an image and transitions to google slides. I go into detail on what icons to click on and different options you can use for the transitions.  I learned how to use the tools to create a screen cast and by using the tools, I was able to highlight certain features that are important for making transitions in a slide show.
  For my second project I photo shopped a picture of the Boston Bruins. I added Tom Brady, Julian Edelman and Bobby Orr in  the Boston Bruins Eastern Conference championship team picture. I had to research images of Brady and Edelman celebrating with their hands in the air to try to match the fans in the crowd. I also had to find an image of Orr standing with his skates on to match the players standing on the ice. It took me a little while to try to cut around each person and to position them on the picture to make it blend nice. Finding where to place them and the size of the person was one of the hardest parts. I leaned how to add images to other images by using Photoshop.
   My last project that I did was a slide show of different images of the beach. For this project I had to take images of the beach that matched the requirements of the different types of pictures we learned at the beginning of the year. The hardest part was trying to capture the picture that followed each requirement. For example it was hard to find leading lines on a beach so I had to take a picture of a ramp that lead to the beach. Luckily the railings acted as lines which made it work for the leading lines requirement. It was also hard to choose and plan out each image to make it fit each category. I learned how to take pictures from different angles and perspectives. Over all I think my final projects came out very well since I put  a lot of time and effort into it. My favorite part is my slide show because I feel like it flowed well and I am proud of how each image came out.

Monday, May 20, 2019

Screen Cast

 This is my screen cast on how to turn in an assignment on google classroom Google 

Monday, May 6, 2019


 This is my time line for the Face time bug that happened this past year. Facetime

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Info Graphic School Start Time.

The purpose of my survey is to see if students are getting enough sleep, but also having time to do after school activities and having a normal life, not just a school/ work life. Over all the data shows that students go to bed around 10-11 pm which is kind of late for a school night. On top of that students wake up between 6 and 7 am which gives them about 7 hours of sleep. After school activities and homework take up most of the students afternoon which doesn't allow them rest. These results could be used to determine what time school should start and how much homework teachers should assign. Administration and teachers could use these results.   Info graphic organizer

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

10 Breakthrough Technologies

I did not know about any of these new inventions. I found the custom cancer vaccines very interesting. Cancer is a very bad disease that affects people and families across the world. I knew that scientists and researchers have been trying to develop different cancer treatments, but I did not know they were coming up with developing custom cancer vaccines for people. Everyone's body acts differently so custom cancer vaccines could have a huge impact on saving peoples lives depending on what type of cancer they have. Out of all of the inventions, this one I feel is most important because cancer has affected my family. 


Please take my survey. School start survey