Wednesday, March 20, 2019

10 Breakthrough Technologies

I did not know about any of these new inventions. I found the custom cancer vaccines very interesting. Cancer is a very bad disease that affects people and families across the world. I knew that scientists and researchers have been trying to develop different cancer treatments, but I did not know they were coming up with developing custom cancer vaccines for people. Everyone's body acts differently so custom cancer vaccines could have a huge impact on saving peoples lives depending on what type of cancer they have. Out of all of the inventions, this one I feel is most important because cancer has affected my family. 


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Friday, February 15, 2019

Fake News Articles

I read the article called Dog Island. I know that this article is fake because at the top of the page where the URL is it says the the site is not secure. There is also no author or publisher listed. The text is not specific and is limited. I read another article called Buy an Ancestor Online. I know this it is fake because the URL says that it is not secure. It also states that it is an authorized Internet retailer since 1999, but the word authorized is in all capital letters. I also know that you can't buy an ancestor, you have to be related to the person and share some type of DNA. The last article I read is called All About Explorers. This article is fake because it says warning two times on the first page along with a strange web address. There is also no sources that go along with the information about the explorers.

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Photo Gallery Video

This is a video of some of lessons we have done in class and I also added a few images from my vacation to Bermuda.    Photo Video

Monday, February 11, 2019

Clone lesson 4

In this lesson I learned how to use the clone tool. This is my example of using the cloning tool with an image of Patrice Bergeron.

Pano Perspective Image

This is a panoramic perspective of the beach at sunset. I decided to walk on the jetty and take a panoramic picture. As I walked down toward the end I started to film. It gave this image the feeling that the tide is moving along the beach in a different direction. I think this image came out beautiful. The pastel colors in the sky really standout over the ocean.